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9 Dental Office Logos We Love

Great branding can be a simple way to revamp your dental office

Posted by Taylor Rose on Aug 13, 2019

Figuring out your dental office’s brand identity can be a difficult task. We previously discussed how to examine your marketing strategies, what kind of advertising to use, and even how to metamorphose your waiting room. Your business’s logo is one of the most important elements of your branding. It showcases your branding and therefor you. A good logo should work on business cards, merchandising, social media, and signage — meaning it needs to be scalable to any of those without losing legibility and the intended message of your business. 

Think about what you want to highlight regarding your business. Is it family-friendly? What about modern, to show that you keep yourself and equipment up-to-date? Make sure your logo reflects the best parts of your dental practice. We collected a few examples, that aren’t just the typical tooth-shaped-free-clip-art, to inspire you. Who knows, this browsing might inspire you to overhaul your brand or at least refresh an old logo. 

It’s often easy to think your current logo (and even internal workflow system) is good enough; that is until you see what else is out there. At Renaissance, we often find that is the case for dental practices with their claims processing as well. Most dental practices are unaware that they typically pay around 50 cents per insurance claim. With Remote Lite powered by rPractice, you can send unlimited claims, upload attachments, resolve rejected claims, and have free local support for a flat fee of $49.95 a month. Just one more example of dental industry-focused tools that help make your practice even better.

Sleek modern design that plays with the letterform “M” using brush script to form the base of a tooth. The most successful about this logo is it can stand by itself and in a single color and can easily work at a watermark on photos of the office. Another perk, This logo is also easily embroidered on scrubs. 

Found via company website


While the background on this particular image could be a little softer to match the logo treatment, the focal point showcases this dental practice’s target audience of parents. This logo, like the one above, is immediately identifiable with just the brand mark and regardless of the color — so it can work in multiple applications.

Found via company website

Australia does have an unfair advantage that the country is already shaped a little like an upside-down tooth, but this logo is clean and unique. 

Australian Dental logo by vatz via 99 Designs 

While this logo does use the very common industry color scheme of blue and green, the clean lines and mix of a smile shows depth. Also, the multiple shapes would allow this to work as a single color. 

Found via DesignHill

A cactus toothbrush might be the most unique on this list. 

Found via Pinterest 

This logo works on several levels — found within this mark are a tooth, heart, and traces of the letters “M” and “K”. 

Found via Pinterest 

This logo is clear and integrates the practice name into the image. Also just by glancing at this, you can tell that it’s an orthodontic office. 

Found via company website

The mix of the dental implant screw and tooth shows exactly what this business does in a clean simple way. Also, the typeface choice matches the logo perfectly. 

Found via company website 

Creativity bonus points over here for using the negative spaces of the antlers to make a tooth. One of our marketing team members really wants them to have flannel scrubs. 

Found via Dribble