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Customer Story

Aland Family Dentistry

How one dental hero conquered a mountain of paper.

Meet Natalie

Aland Family Dentistry serves an average of 1100 patients per month and thus deals with a significant number of paper EOBs. The additional workload (scanning, filing, calls to payers) overburdened their office manager, Natalie, who was spending forty percent of her week on these activities.

After signing up with Renaissance, Aland began accepting digital EOBs (Electronic Remittance Advice). By going digital, Natalie has seen an eighty percent reduction in the time spent on “B and C” activities and has more time to devote to her primary duties as an office manager.

So many EOBs, so little time.

Aland Family Dentistry is a rock star practice. While the average practice sees roughly 250 patients in a month, Aland’s dentist and three hygienists see that in a week. They have 4.8 stars on Facebook and Google, 4.5 on Yelp. Aland doesn’t just serve a lot of people, it serves a lot of happy people.

One of the biggest challenges of seeing more than 1000 patients a month are all the additional headaches for their lone office manager, Natalie.

Being paper only, 1000 patients meant 40+ hours a month on processing, scanning, and filing EOBs. That many patients translates to  5 hours each week on the phone checking the status of claims.

40% of Natalie’s time was devoted to these B and C activities, typically with her door shut to outside distractions. Aland Family Dentistry might have been doing amazing things, but half the time Natalie felt isolated from it.

How I learned to stop worrying and love ERA.

Renaissance’s RPractice with Remote Lite acts as a hub for practices, like Aland, to receive payments from multiple insurance companies without having to call or visit their respective websites. The digital EOB (ERA) feature acts as an extension to our claims service, giving practices more command over this data.

Scanning and filing EOBs used to take up to 10 hours of Natalie’s week, often carrying over from one day to the next. After moving to Renaissance and RPractice, Natalie typically spends a total 2-3 hours in Remote Lite doing ERA (EOB) activities.

“[It’s] definitely going to increase your productivity… [I’m] not as behind. I know I’m getting my stuff done now.”

The immediacy of ERAs has nearly eliminated the need for Natalie to call insurance companies. Natalie had to previously block out 4-5 hours each week to make her 30-day follow up calls to check on the status of claims. With RPractice, Natalie now knows why a claim if a claim accepted and what the patient owes same day.

“It eliminates the follow-up calls to payers after 30 days. Anytime I don’t have to call an insurance company, I’m happy.”

A rock star office manager.

Natalie’s job isn’t to scan and file thousands of EOBs or to wait on hold with insurance companies. Natalie’s job, as an office manager, is to manage a rock star dental practice.

A year ago, Natalie was spending more than 40 hours a month on activities that didn’t involve patients and weren’t helping to grow Aland. Now she spends an average of 8 hours on these activities.

It would be easy to assume that this has created a vacuum of 30+ hours that Natalie needs to fill but what it’s done is give her time back. A year ago, Natalie felt rushed and was perpetually catching up on her primary duties.

She now has the time to give her full attention to managing the office and working with patients. She spends more time working with the practice’s business manager and feels like a bigger part of her team.

Aland is a rock star dental practice, and Natalie is right there along with them.

Fast. Efficient. Easy.

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