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Dental Claims

Duplicate claims can hinder your practice

Posted by Taylor Rose on Jan 31, 2019

The world of dental claims processing can seem daunting and mysterious once it leaves the hands of your practice. There are many routes a claim can take before it’s adjudicated. At the end of the day, we know your priorities are to care for your patients the best way possible and ensure that your practice succeeds. We have a few suggestions and industry secrets to help you do so.

When filing claims, it’s a common misconception that submitting a single claim via multiple channels will help get it approved faster. We consulted with our experts at Tesia, and they told us filing through several points of entry can actually slow down your claim when it’s in the processing pipeline.

For example, imagine you just mailed a claim and submitted it through your practice management system. The payer has to halt the electronic process to have someone manually review your paper claim. This results in two records of the same claim which slows down your claims process.

Many providers think that mailing claims while sending them through either their Practice Management System or a third party like Remote Lite will ensure that the claim is approved faster. With the attachment services of Remote Lite 6, the need for paper mailing is nearly eliminated and helps you streamline your dental claim processing. Also, resubmitting through multiple channels essentially means that you are paying for the claim(s) two-three times, the flat rate for Remote Lite, the Practice Management per claim fee, and a fee for postage.

We say all of this knowing there are a few ways that you can send your claims, but one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways is through Remote Lite. With the newest update, you can improve your attachment capabilities. While some attachments used to push over to being printed and mailed they are now almost entirely electronic, helping your claims get processed faster.

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