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Time Management

Ways to Cut Out Wasted Time

Posted by Taylor Rose on May 21, 2019

What would you do with an extra 5 hours a week? Maybe dedicate time to marketing your dental practice? Or finding a new way to process your insurance claims? We are sharing some of the top resources our dental hero's use at Renaissance help you identify where you can save time and how to stay organized. Our tried and true methods will help you get more time out of each day.

Cut Out Multitasking

There are dozens of studies proving that by attempting to multitask you actually are halting your creativity and end up being unproductive with your time. Checking your email while trying to schedule out appointments will take you longer than if you simply dedicate time to both. An easy way to stay on task is to put time on your calendar for singular activities. For example, if you need to make follow-up calls with patients mark a time for it instead of squeezing it in whenever you have a free moment. By focusing on one task at a time your brain is able to hone in and work more efficiently, saving you time in the long run.

Have Dedicated Time

This goes hand-in-hand with staying away from multitasking, but making sure that you have time set aside simply to organize will keep you on track in the long-run. Even embracing the time that is dedicated to “distractions” can actually be beneficial. We spend roughly 46.9% of our day not thinking about the task at hand. This can be easily combated by making room for “wasted” time. For example, the Harvard Business Review recommends making use of activities like knitting or gardening everyday to allow “positive constructive day-dreaming.” It creates space for your mind to wander and refresh itself by allowing the subconscious to move uninhibited.  

Make a List

One of the oldest tricks in the book is making a to-do list for yourself. The difference that we suggest is making separate ones that are categorized. For example, throughout the day keep a list of the topics you need to talk with the doctor or hygienists about. Your list will help make the most out of these quick meetings by covering as much as possible. There are plenty of digital tools out there to help manage these tasks as well.

Plan Out Your Week

Your office likely does some form of a weekly or daily meeting to align the entire staff. One of the best ways to (re)format this is to make it a high-level planning session. Have each team member bring a list of their top 2-4 priorities for the upcoming week, along with updates on long-term projects. This list provides transparency and creates a more collaborative environment. Your planning session is also a great time to share new methods or tools you are using to make your practice more efficient.