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How and where to recruit for your dental practice.

Strategies for finding the right employees.

Posted by Jason Penrod on Sep 10, 2019

Hiring a new team member for your practice can be intimidating, especially if you live in a competitive job market. It can be difficult to find someone who possesses the necessary skills and is a good fit for your team. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to make it easier for your practice to hire the right candidate. 

Build an environment worth sharing

You will struggle to attract new talent if your current employees aren’t happy. Low pay and low morale can cause great candidates to look for other opportunities, so it’s important that maintaining employee satisfaction is a priority for you.

At a minimum, try to pay your staff the median average salary for their position for your location. If you want to be really competitive with other practices in your area, try to pay a little more for each position. You can find salary data on websites like Payscale and

Similarly, make a point to reward and celebrate your team’s hard work, both individually and as a group. Not only will your staff feel valued when you reward their hard work, but team outings also present an opportunity for you to share your positive work environment on social media. This not only encourages potential employees to consider your practice but shows a lighter, friendly side to new patients.

Start with referrals

Medical professionals have a tendency to job hop quite a bit. Many members of your staff have likely held positions in other dental practices and worked with potential candidates for employment in your office.

Asking your current staff for referrals can be a great way for you to identify candidates, along with first-hand knowledge of their work ethic. Roughly 40% of referred candidates are the most likely to accept a job offer. Additionally, referred hires are more likely to stay with your practice, with 47% staying more than three years.

You can implement an employee referral program where you reward your staff for finding qualified candidates for positions. Typically this will cost much less than advertising for open positions on job boards as they typically charge for each day you post the position.

Job boards

While your best candidates will most likely come from employee referrals, you will eventually have to post a position on public job boards to get candidates. If you haven’t recruited before, deciding where to advertise might seem daunting.

Indeed and Monster are the more traditional outlets for advertising a job opening. LinkedIn is a social media platform for professional networking; your success may depend on your location, as LinkedIn has lower adoption among dental professionals. You might also consider Facebook Jobs as you can target people based on their current role and location. 

When comparing each platform, look for any recent job posts that are similar to the one you’re hiring. In the case of LinkedIn or Facebook, do a quick profile search to see how many people in your area have similar job titles. If there isn’t a clear winner among the different job boards, ask your staff where they have looked for job listings in the past, there’s a good chance that similar candidates use the same site.