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Customer Story

How electronic claims brought this dental practice $60,000 in a week

Switching from paper to electronic claims brought this dental practice up to date on their claims instantly.

Posted by Taylor Rose on Nov 21, 2019

Belmont Dentistry used to spend hours everyday printing claim forms, stuffing envelopes, tracking down addresses to send insurance claims through the mail. With paper claims there was no way to know if they were accepted, if anything was missing, or when the office would get paid. 

Belmont didn’t know it, but they were missing out on getting paid faster and spending needless hours on a process that should have taken minutes. 

Fanny Perry has been in the dental industry for 15 years and used Remote Lite (Renaissance's insurance claim processing software) for much of it. When she arrived at Belmont Dentistry, Perry’s priority was switching the office to electronic claims because she knew how simple they were to handle. 

“They loved [Remote Lite] because it’s not rocket science or open-heart surgery — it’s easy,” says Perry. 

Belmont recently merged two dental practices into one, which meant that when Perry arrived in the summer, there was a backlog of claims. She sent over 300 claims after install, and by week’s end, the practice received payment of $60,000, according to Perry. The dentist was amazed by her work. 

“If you know the dental industry, it’s easy,” says Perry while discussing the simplicity of claim submissions in Remote Lite. After getting the office set up with Remote Lite, she trained other staff members on the software. “It took me literally four minutes,” says Perry. “Your training is a piece of cake.” 

The ease of Remote Lite is what drew Perry to Renaissance. Stacked against competitors, Perry loved that Remote Lite showed her right away the status of each claim. “I like how your system tells me why it was rejected, or that it needs x, y, z attachments,” she says. 

The accepted claims filed through Remote Lite were a shock to the staff at Belmont. Perry describes how surprised the dentist was when checks arrived in response to patients they saw just two weeks before. For Perry, helping Belmont switch to electronic claims was simple and saved them money right out of the gate. Remote Lite cut out mailing costs and fees for refiling if there were rejections. Remote Lite offers unlimited claims for $49.95 a month, which is perfect for a growing practice like Belmont 

“When you go out to buy a pair of shoes or a car, you want to make sure you get the best price ever,” says Perry. “With [Remote Lite] it’s the best price, and it’s easy to maneuver. [Remote Lite] is friendly, easy, and straight to the point.”