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How Renaissance has Changed Over the Years

We spoke with Amanda Ellis, our VP of Operations, about her 17 years at Renaissance Electronic Services

Posted by Taylor Rose on Aug 27, 2019

Renaissance Electronic Services started with just a handful of employees working out of a small garage in Martinsville, Indiana in 2002. Our mission has stayed the same from the beginning — to help dental professionals provide an intuitive way to process their claims so that they could focus on what matters, their patients. It soon became clear how important that mission truly was.

Over time Renaissance grew into teams of developers, customer support representatives, dedicated onboarding staff, and marketing personnel. Today, we have over 150 employees, serve over 30,000 dental offices around the country, and process over 65 million claims each year. While we are no longer operating out of a garage, we never let go of our roots — that we started as a small business serving small businesses. 

The strongest element of our company will always be people like Amanda Ellis, who has been with Renaissance since its infancy.  She rose through the leadership rankings, before climbing to her new title earlier this year. Ellis, now Vice President of Operations, started 17 years ago in the mail center. We spoke with her about how she has seen the company change and where she hopes to take it in the future. 

What made you decide to start working with Renaissance? 

I had a friend that was offered a position in the mailroom as an associate, but she couldn’t make the commute, so she recommended me for the job. The location was great for me, and I was intrigued by the company’s ambition. 

Describe what the company was like in the early years? 

The company was growing quickly, and things seemed to be continually evolving. We started a lot of new initiatives and had to get better at failing fast to scale.  

What about now in comparison?  

Things fundamentally feel the same; I think we have expanded our ambitions, teams, and goals. Things are still exciting, and the differences seem most prevalent in areas that we didn’t necessarily have to focus on because of our size. Our culture is very much something that has grown to be a powerful force of influence for us.

What keeps you interested in your work?

I am helping to improve the day to day challenges and rewards for our team. There are so many talented and hard-working people here. I enjoy the fact that I can help them grow and do their best work.

What stands out to you about your team? 

Our people have a real passion for contributing to our company. The teamwork that they embody is something that makes me appreciate them all individually and as a whole.

How does RES make room for upward mobility for employees?  

Our company has made significant efforts to establish paths of travel for individuals interested in growing and learning more. We are building several areas of growth opportunities in our support room, but many of these are not your traditional upward sense of mobility. Upward mobility isn’t always “upward." I’ve seen people move upward laterally, so a lot of it has to do with the individual and what growth means to them.

Where do you want to see the operations side of Renaissance go? What do you hope it will look like in 5 years? 

I’d like to see our team continue to grow in resilience and adaptation, and stay competitive with our pursuits in efficiency and quality. We have to rely on each other and to do so we need to have reliable channels of collaboration and trust to reach our fullest potential. We have many things that we want to accomplish, like an omnichannel support team to provide the highest quality of service for our customers. We always want to see culture initiatives owned and executed by our employees and leaders.

How have you grown with the company?

I have grown professionally and personally — everything from learning how to lead teams and individuals, to communication and humility.

What keeps you with Renaissance? 

The ability to use my strengths to help our company and team grow and achieve success. I’m constantly challenged to find new ways to help our company. It’s gratifying, and I appreciate the trust placed in me.