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Resources to Market Your Dental Practice

How to kickstart new marketing strategies for your office

Posted by Taylor Rose on Apr 23, 2019

So now that we have outlined how to get started with marketing or rebranding your dental practice, it’s time to take the first steps. A good resource is our recent blogs covering: outlining branding your practice, how to revamp your waiting room, and a 101 guide on how to start marketing your practice how to bring patients to your office.

We have compiled a few marketing resources to help guide your efforts. Choosing what feels right for your office and what you might be missing is a great way to prioritize where to start. For example, if you currently don’t send emails to new patients asking them how their visit was, or reminders of upcoming appointments, you may want to make an email template that fits within your office’s branding guidelines first and foremost.

Where to get started:

  • See how to get started with GoogleAds and how it works here. Google recently revamped its advertising platform to make it easier to use and more integrated with Google’s other products.
  • ZocDoc is a nationally used guide to find healthcare providers. Having strong reviews from your loyal patients can bring in new business.
  • Learn how to add a business and be verified on Yelp. Like ZocDoc, Yelp reviews may be the first place a new patient goes to see if your office is a good fit for them. Typically, Yelp is used mostly for restaurant reviews but it has a far broader audience than ZocDoc. 
  • Email marketing can be a time-saving way to make sure your existing patients know about special promotions, upcoming appointments, and your involvement in the community. Services like MailChimp are easy to use and quick to get up and running. It’s also free to get started if you have less than 2,000 subscribers.
  • Determining which social media platform to have as your main focus will depend on your target audience. The best way to reach multiple demographics may be advertising on Facebook.
  • Google My Business allows you to set up a business profile on Google, which when connected with your social media and website lets people find your office easier
  • Creating a new logo, letterhead, or website can be time-consuming. Look for designers in your area on LinkedIn and on Upwork. They will likely be familiar with your customer base and the area you are trying to target. Before approaching a designer to make a new logo, consider your visual goals, timeline, and how you and the designer will work together.
  • Your practice can work directly with USPS to advertise with mailers sent to people who have just moved nearby your office. Mailers can be good first point of contact with a new patient. 

Make more time to market your practice by looking into the way that Remote Lite can save you hours (and thousands of dollars).