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System health done differently

Renaissance launches real-time system maintenance tracker for clients and staff

Posted by Taylor Rose on Mar 19, 2019

Behind the scenes at Renaissance headquarters, there is an entire team who works non-stop to make sure that our dental claims software, Remote Lite, runs smoothly. Which is why Seth Steward, our Director of Software Support, led the charge over 5 months to bring something revolutionary to the table —, a live page that updates users on any issues or planned maintenance periods affecting our technical system and one they can subscribe to.

The seed was planted for these real-time updates shortly after Seth came on-board at Renaissance.

“I realized that there wasn’t a transparent way to show customers, or employees, our software health day-to-day,” says Steward. “This allows us to notify anyone who subscribes when an issue with our technical infrastructure might be adversely affecting them.”

During an issue, the platform is fed with frequent updates so customers are alerted to any interruptions accessing Remote Lite, RPractice, Tesia FTP, the Patient Pay Center, or even our support phone lines.  

A screenshot from


"In our endeavor to provide the best possible customer experience and #beopen — one of our core values — we believe there is a level of transparency we must have to help build trust,” says Steward. “Giving our customers and team members insight into our system’s health and the ability to receive notifications when we're experiencing an issue is paramount to our shared success." 

The page has a 90-day tracker, showing not only current system health but any issues over the last three months. Steward helped develop a backend system that automatically (and continuously) evaluates all of the Renaissance user portals and products. The result allows updates to be noted and resolved as quickly as possible.

To subscribe to this page, for free, visit our portal and click "Subscribe to Updates" to get started! You can choose to subscribe to just a few of our services/products or all of them.  If you have any questions, please contact us at