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The Importance of Updating your Software

How software updates impact your dental practice

Posted by Joy Murphy, Senior Technical Support Analyst on Oct 15, 2019

Have you ever felt plagued by what feels like constant notifications to update to the newest version of your software and wondered why you need to?

Protection & Security

Software updates must frequently occur to combat the growing demands of keeping PHI (protected health information) data safe. PHI can be compromised if the software is vulnerable, allowing hackers to distort it and gather its underlying data. Regular software updates keep your operating system running smoothly and your security software aware of any new threats. Antiviruses regularly update more frequently to ensure the best protection against the newest threats surfacing on the internet.

New Features & Functionality

Software updates can include new functionality for day-to-day usage. These updates are often based on the feedback you provide a software company. At Renaissance, the feedback we receive from customers and partners help us prioritize future development and software improvements for our claims processing software Remote Lite powered by rPractice.

One way we utilized your feedback, was adding the Date of Service column to Claims History. Another example was when we talked with many offices to simplify the process of resubmitting a claim. Previously, the process required multiple steps: having you send the claim back to the outbox, attach any required images, make changes, save, and then resubmit. Our new process allows you to view the submitted claim and make changes directly to it. 

Better Processing

Often, software updates modify the underlying code of an application. The change may not be apparent in how the program is used, but you may see quicker load times or faster processing speed. The nature of technology is always evolving and adapting. Programs become faster and use fewer resources on your computer while providing you with more options when they are updated. 

We are constantly working to improve Remote Lite powered by rPractice and being more transparent about any updates we need to make. One of the ways we do that is through Status Page, an ever-changing website and email notification service that updates users on any issues or planned maintenance periods affecting our technical system. It lets our customers know there is going to be an update before it even occurs, allowing you to focus on your practice.