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Dental Heroes

What it’s like to be an intern at Renaissance Electronic Services

Emily Chen shares about her experience working as Dental Hero marketer

Posted by Taylor Rose on Jul 25, 2019

Be Open. 

Be Curious. 

These are two of the four values that shape the culture at Renaissance. As a tech company, we have a voracious appetite for learning, creativity, and teaching each other, which extends to our interns. 

One of those interns is Emily Chen, who spent the last few months in the Renaissance Marketing department. During her time here she assisted with general ad campaigns, an ebook launch, Google Keyword advertising, and more. Chen is an English and Communication major at Ohio State University, and we spent a few minutes chatting with her about her experience at Renaissance. 

How would you describe this internship to a friend at school? 

I would say that this internship was really beneficial and educational because I got to see so many different marketing techniques and processes up-close. I got a lot of experience with Adobe Illustrator and visual ad design, which I’d never done before. 

What was the most beneficial experience for you? 

I think that helping with the ebook campaign was one of the most beneficial experiences for me because I got to see how a big project comes together and how all the different parts work together — like the analytics, the copy, and the ads. I got to see all the little details for a big campaign. 

How would you describe your mentor and the team you worked with at RES? 

Everyone is really nice! I like how the team helps each other out. I also like how we come together for projects and for fun things like [collaborative meetings] and outings. I would also say that everyone is very good about answering questions that I have. 

How would you describe the culture at RES? 

The culture is pretty relaxed and laid-back, which is really nice. I like the free snacks and coffee. The culture makes it easy to work with others. I also really appreciate the fact that we don’t have to wear business casual because we have such a relaxed atmosphere. 

How did this internship compare to others that you have had? 

This is my first internship in a big company, so it was a big transition. It is also my first internship with such a large marketing team. Before I had usually worked with 1-2 marketing people or I was the only marketer in the company. The projects in this internship were a lot larger and more complex than projects I've worked on before. 

What was something unexpected that you learned during your internship with RES? 

I learned about different types of marketing technology that I had never heard of before, like Jira, Instapage,, and Miro. It made me see that there was a lot of different technologies that marketers can use. 

What was your favorite part, either personally or professionally?

My favorite part was Field Day, which was super fun. I got to hang out with the other Xterns and watch a lot of softball and volleyball. The weather was perfect and I liked the food. I also won at bingo! I also love whenever dogs come in. 

What is the biggest takeaway from your Xtern experience with RES? 

My biggest takeaway is probably that the marketing world is a lot bigger than I expected and that there’s a lot of complexities and little details involved with making a great marketing campaign. 

How has your time at Renaissance helped to shape your future career and educational goals?

My time here has helped me feel out what I want to do for my career after college. Now I’m sure that I want to do marketing, and I will focus a little more in school on my marketing/design classes so I can make more powerful visuals that help persuade people to click. 

To learn more about jobs and internships at Renaissances check out our careers page. If you want to see what the headquarters are like, follow us on Instagram