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Tesia Clearinghouse

What Makes Tesia Different?

Posted by Taylor Rose on Mar 12, 2019

There are three pillars that set Tesia apart from other clearinghouses: technology, it’s position as a leader within the industry, and the relationships built between payers and providers.

Tesia, one of the three main clearinghouses in the dental industry, cut its teeth on the technological side with the pursuit of real-time claims. Tesia was one of the first to create a processing system that could send claims at the time of service instead of in a batch with all the claims from that day. The benefit of sending claims in real-time is that they are processed faster through Tesia and result in dental practices being paid expeditiously.

A little known fact about Tesia is the built-in auto scrubbing that is going on behind the scenes when each claim comes through, which then enables the claim to be sent to the payer’s adjudication system in a cleaner and more efficient fashion. For example, if a claim has minor clerical errors Tesia, in that case, would know to adjust the claim to ensure the dental office is getting paid as fast as possible.

“Tesia is consistent in our capabilities to eliminate hindrances in claims processing that dental offices might not even know exist,” says Eric Kirnbauer, Tesia’s in-house EDI expert and Senior Account Manager. “Tesia built its foundation on efficient EDI and leading the dental industry on that path.”

Tesia’s backbone is designed with encrypted local data storage and processes that centralize information — both of which help payers clear a claim quicker. Tesia has led the national conversation showcasing that EDI is proven to be the most efficient way to send claims. The ability to work in tandem with payers is one Tesia’s strengths; not only in EDI but in industry relationships. 

“The dental insurance industry is cohesive and tight-knit. Relationships and collaboration are everything on this side of the house.” - Lori Young

“Dental Insurance is relatively small in comparison to medical insurance,” says Lori Young, a Senior Account Executive for Tesia. “The dental insurance industry is cohesive and tight-knit. Relationships and collaboration are everything on this side of the house.” Much of Lori’s work includes connecting with as many payers as possible and helping facilitate conversations about trends and progress in the industry for payers.

While Tesia typically meets with mostly payers, the driving force behind these conversations is ensuring dental offices have the tools they need to provide the best possible healthcare. Tesia’s unique positioning and partnership with Renaissance allow it to address resolve issues before they even arise for each side of the dental industry.

Renaissance and Tesia are two sides of the same coin, one facing dental offices and the other facing payers — a relationship that is rare for a clearinghouse and fairly unique to Tesia. RPractice Powered By Remote Lite software and Tesia’s EDI development work together to offer simple digital solutions for claims processing