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Why Renaissance Internships Stand Out

Mentorship, real experience, and teamwork are all part of Renaissance internships. Oh, and they are paid.

Posted by Taylor Rose on Aug 01, 2019

It’s common knowledge that you need at least one internship during college to be competitive in the job market. Finding a company that can give you mentorship, real projects, and make you part of the team can be scarce. All three of those things are the foundation of Renaissance Electronic Services’ internships.  

Throughout the summer, college students can work with various departments — like marketing, development, and support — in industry-leading tech. “[Interning at Renaissance is] a great opportunity to broaden your technical knowledge and apply the skills we’ve learned at school to real-world scenarios that have true meaning and value,” says Kelly Janis an IT intern with Dewpoint, Renaissance’s in-house IT contractors.  

While every internship role is different, each one centers on projects that need to be completed in each department. This exposes interns to meaningful real-world work that can bolster their portfolios and CVs. 

“I worked with the security team to begin development of an Incident Response plan for the company,” says Devin Strange, a Tier 2 Support intern. “Basically, this plan would guide people along and show them what to do if there was a vulnerability in a system.” 

Emily Chen, a Marketing intern for Renaissance, likewise was able to work on large scale projects such as general ad campaigns and an eBook release. Chen worked with our Senior Program Manager as a direct mentor like many Renaissance interns. 

“The most beneficial experience for me has been that I have started taking on more important responsibilities on a team with the guidance of my mentors, and I have learned a lot,” says Ally Wallace.    

The most beneficial experience for me has been that I have started taking on more important responsibilities on a team with the guidance of my mentors, and I have learned a lot. - Ally Wallace

The backbone of our mentorships is teaching. For Chen, it was learning how to handle new marketing tools. For Rachel Visnack, who worked with the Dewpoint IT team, it was staying abreast to new changes in the IT field. 

 “I would describe my team as work hard, play hard, study hard,” says Visnack. “You are expected to get your work done on time and to the best of your abilities, but that can happen while having fun along the way. Learning is a major focus at Renaissance because technology is always changing. There will always be a new, sometimes better, way to do every aspect of technology. We have to stay on top of it and continue getting certificates to help better provide technology for Renaissance.” 

During our internships we make a point to spend plenty of time and resources to fully bring interns up to speed. Our engineering interns are fully integrated into our Agile teams. 

This kind of integration and culture of community isn’t limited to code or certifications. Renaissance works directly with TechPoint, a supporter of Indiana tech companies, education, and collaboration. TechPoint runs the Xtern program, where they travel to 30 different universities to find students from across the country who are interested in a tech career. Xterns live in IUPUI dormitories and work alongside Indiana tech companies, while receiving exclusive networking and after-hours educational opportunities. (Renaissance also works with TechPoint Bootcamp to find new talent for those wanting a career in sales.) 

Renaissance internships are always paid positions that are regularly extended beyond the summer if there is ample work to be done and it fits in the student’s schedule. According to Matt Brown, Renaissance's Talent Acquisition Manager, “interns are treated like full-time employees from day one. The work they do directly impacts the work the rest of the team is doing.” 

 “Over the internship, I learned that working in the software world is not only about the code you write,” says Stephen Crowell, a Renaissance Development intern. “A large part of working on a team is being able to work with people to not only move past your own problems, but also help people with theirs.” 

To learn more about jobs and internships at Renaissances check out our careers page and LinkedIn. If you want to see what the headquarters are like, follow us on Instagram