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The next best thing to reading minds

Using our access to extensive, nationwide claims data, the R-Fees report offers an up-to-date fee schedule analysis based on millions of real claims submitted in your practice zip code by neighboring dental offices.

This means that instead of relying on an outdated ADA report or word-of-mouth to help you price services, you get an accurate average price personalized for your zip code. A price difference of just two dollars can mean thousands of additional dollars per year toward your practice's bottom line.

​Accuracy at an affordable rate.

Fee reports based on voluntary data average $150, while reports based on actual claim data exceed $500. Since Renaissance processes claims, we are able to provide 3-digit reports based on actual claim data for $89.95.

Up-to-date information.

While the ADA’s fee report is published every 2-3 years based on voluntary information, and most claims-based reports are released annually, the R-Fees report is updated twice per year to ensure accuracy.

Competitive edge.

Need an even more specialized report? Renaissance offers 5-digit zip code reports for $179.95.


Know what your neighbors are charging without telepathy.

Check out our fee schedule reports today.

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