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Helping you save the day, one claim at a time

The average dental practice spends up to $160 per month on processing claims and attachments, broken up into micro-transactions of $0.50 per claim through their practice management system. The total cost of these services can be upwards of $2000 every year.

With Remote Lite, you'll pay a flat rate of $49.95 for your eClaims processing and
standard attachments, with most practices saving over $1300 in their first year.

​Simplified x-rays and attachments.

Attach an X-ray to your eClaim with a simple click and drag. For insurance companies that won’t accept an eClaim, we'll print and mail for you.

​Extras that aren’t extra.

Unlimited attachments, support, and other valuable features are all included in your monthly rate, with no hidden fees.

​Adjust savings to your environment.

Remote Lite works with your current practice management software, so you won’t need to change your current setup.

​No contract.​

We know you'll love using Remote Lite, but if you don't, you can cancel at any time.

Attachments without worry.

The strength of 750 payer connections, along with the ability to see attachment requirements before submitting a claim, practically eliminates attachments as the reason a claim is rejected.

Customer care.

Expert support is included at no additional cost.

Remote Lite

Start saving on claims today. No contract, new PMS, or radioactive spiders required.

Try it out today with a free trial. Cancel anytime.