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Electronic Payments

A suit of armor with a dash of super speed

To eliminate cost, many insurance companies are transitioning to requiring dental
practices to receive payment via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or virtual cards. Within the next few years, you could have to provide your practice's banking information to multiple insurance websites and manage logins and passwords.

For many dental practices, this means more time, the security of your business being taken out of your hands, and, in the case of virtual cards, a high likelihood of being hit with manual entry fees.

Electronic Payments simplifies the process by eliminating the need to login to multiple insurance sites and gets you paid faster.

Patient data kept in house.

Have peace of mind knowing all of your patient information is stored locally and encrypted within your Remote Lite software.

Faster payment.

Rather than wait 30-45 days for a claim to be processed and paid
by insurance, you’ll receive payment generally within 24-48 hours.

More info, simplified, in one location.

Instead of countless insurance websites, get all of your ERA information from one source, standardized with your Remote Lite information.

Electronic Payments

Future-proof your dental practice without having to use a time machine.

Try it out today. Cancel anytime.